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How far is Pompeii from Rome

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The distance from rome to Pompeii is pretty close to cover, Its 241km/149 miles from Rome and  you’ll reach Pompeii in just 2 and half hours

Pompeii is situated near the Bay of Naples, is a historical roman city that was burried under lava in 79. AD after the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius the place is still preserved well, visiting the ruins of Pompeii still feels like going in ancient times, Layers of ash helped in preserving the monuments artwork, buildings even the bodies of people that failed to survive, all of this make Pompeii a must-visit destination of Italy

There are 3 ways that you can travel from Rome to Pompeii

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1. Taxis private or shared

Taxis are the most convenient and cheap option to reach Pompeii from rome, so if you’re travelling alone than shared taxi is the best option, but if you’re travelling in a group or there are two or more persons then you can go for a private taxi, both private and shared taxi will transfer you from rome to Pompeii in 2 hours 45 minutes

If you want to make a one day trip from Rome then click on the link below

One day tour to Pompeii from Rome

we have handpicked the best one day tours from Rome to Pompeii including some other popular destinations, with sightseeing and guide at the best price

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2. Via buses

Buses are second-best options to travel from rome to Pompeii they’ll reach Pompeii in 3-4 hours there are plenty of buses running from rome to Pompeii you’ll find many options for time and types of buses you can go to any travel agent in rome or search for buses on internet.


3. Via Trains

Trains are also an option to travel to Pompeii only if you book your tickets in advance or else you’ll be charged double

The fastest you’ll reach by train is 4 hours, You’ll need to change 2 trains first is from rome to Naples & second is from Naples to Pompeii

You’ll find trains from Roma Termini to Napoli Centrale every 30 minutes starting from 8 am in the morning to the last train at 11:24 at night,

to reach Pompeii from Naples there are 85 trains per day starting from 5:40 in the morning to 11:24 at night

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